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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here doggie, doggie

I got the things I needed from the hardware store, a worthy old one that has been in business since 1922 with a cash register to prove it, and was headed home when I spotted the little guy running in the middle of a very busy street.  White with three brown spots running down his left side. The jaunty look.  I pulled over to try to rescue him because that is what I'd want someone to do if it were my dog who was lost and so very afraid.  He considered my offer of help and came close enough to check out the clementine I held out to him.  Lacking any pieces of meat as I usually don't ride around with those,  I hoped to lure him in with the orange wedge in my hand.  He was hungry and was seriously considering it when the guy who lives in the corner house came out with some turkey.

Over the next hour, yes you read that right, a total of six people tried to keep the little guy from getting hit.  A PT Cruiser came close but crazy women standing in the street waving their arms wildly prevented that.  The adrenalin rushes were wearing us all out.  Finally he just sat down next to a woman who seemed to have the voice, or something,  that he liked best.  I drove away after she assured me that she would take care of him.

For the rest of the ride, I marveled at the amount of time and effort that six people took to try to save this one smart but very anxious little beating heart.  Amazing.

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