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Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrate Small Things

nobody, not even the rainhas such small hands   
 e.e. cummings

At the end of my journal for 2010 I wrote that I was hoping for a better year in 2011.  So far, that hasn't happened in a big way.  It has, however, happened in small ways.  It is good to stop and look at small things.  Appreciate them.  Children know to do this.  I think, as adults, we forget and need to be reminded.  Small things can get lost so easily. What small things have happened that are worthy of appreciation?  A heart warming phone call.  A card in the mail that made tears spring to my eyes.  A teeny tiny voice on Skype singing Do Re Mi.  My dog looking anxiously from behind the front door as I come across the porch.  The teeny tiny buds on my fig tree.  And on my roses.  Celebrate small things.

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